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Selected Works

Türkiye Ministry Of Health

PLC: Ankara
GBA: 120.000m²
LA: 45.000 m²

All units of the Ministry of Health are gathered under the same roof. The main entrance to the building is from the northwest facade of the building, and the VIP entrance is from the southeast side. Approximately 700 parking facilities are provided for users and visitors. Open offices for users, meeting rooms, head of department, general manager, ministry and undersecretariat offices, dining hall, multi-purpose hall, bidding halls, prayer room, library and fitness halls are designed in a functional way, taking into account the comfort conditions of the modern age and aesthetic concerns.

Al-Shemalco Holding Headquarters

PLC: Erbil / IRAK
GBA:1500 m²
LA:750 m²

This office building in Erbil stands beyond time compared to surrounding buildings. Designed on a narrow and long plot, the project was animated by mass separations of horizontal lines. The reflection of the forms in the architectural design to the interior continued the dynamism of the design here as well. The project was put into service in 2013.

Giresun Espiye Courthouse

PLC: Espiye / Giresun
GBA: 4.980m²
LA: 3.500 m²

In the Espiye Courthouse, decorated with Seljuk motifs, symmetry was prioritized in terms of function and esthetic anxiety. The main entrance in the north and the prisoner entrance in the south and the building, which has two entrances, has a separate section on the south side for service vehicles. Between these two entrances, 4.5 m. there is level difference.

Troll Office Nigeria

PLC: Nigeria
GBA: 14.600 m²
LA: 2.015 m²

Libya Tripoli Showroom

PLC: Tripoli / LIBYA
GBA: 750 m²
LA: 950 m²

Isparta Provincial Health Directorate

PLC: Isparta
GBA: 6.500 m²
LA: 18.025 m²

Osmaniye Provincial Health Directorate

PLC: Osmaniye
GBA: 18.585 m²
LA: 16.341 m²

Balıkesir Provincial Health Directorate

PLC: Balıkesir
GBA: 7.950 m²
LA: 16.323 m²

Konya Provincial Health Directorate

PLC: Konya
GBA: 10.885 m²
LA: 12.155 m²

TCDD Afyon Command Center

PLC: Afyon
GBA: 4.300 m²
LA: 4.600 m²

Nevşehir Provincial Health Directorate

PLC: Nevşehir
GBA: 6.860 m²
LA: 5.060 m²

Ministry Defence Building

PLC: Tripoli / LIBYA
GBA: 18.500 m²
LA: 105.000 m²