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Health Buildings

Health Buildings

Selected Works


Gana Akra General Hospital (250 Beds)

PLC: Gana
GBA: 30.000 m²
LA: 45.000 m²

This type project, designed for realization in various countries of the African continent, is done by Public Private Cooperation. The design, which has 250 beds, includes 40 polyclinics, 76 intensive care units and 6 operating rooms. It has all the functions of a modern hospital that is simple with a modern, colorful design and can fit it to the plot.

Mersin Anamur General Hospital (150 Beds)

PLC: Mersin
GBA: 24.102 m²
LA: 35.000 m²

Existing medical services of hospital must be going on while the construction takes place. This hospital project that is an example of ‘best use analysis’. In difficult land conditions, hospital requirements are designed with modern architectural forms.This design approach is contiuned at the facade materials.

Balıkesir Burhaniye General Hospital (150 Beds)

PLC: Balıkesir
GBA: 31.000 m²
LA: 29.500 m²

The hospital, which is a simple, effective and contemporary design language, works as a whole with the landscape arrangement around it. It has an earthquake isolator and 150 beds and is designed according to the usage criteria immediately after the earthquake. The construction of the hospital which started in 2016, serves structurally symmetrically and functionally different units. Entrance to the campus from the eastern front of the plot is provided.

Afyon Dinar General Hospital (100 Beds)

PLC: Afyon
GBA: 16.288 m²
LA: 17.122 m²

Kütahya Gediz General Hospital (100 Beds)

PLC: Kütahya
GBA: 12.358 m²
LA: 57.645 m²

İzmir Bayraklı High Security Forensic Hospital (80 Beds)

PLC: İzmir
GBA: 25.000 m²
LA: 45.000 m²

HSF Hospital, located in the northern part of İzmir Bayraklı City Hospital campus, is positioned in accordance with the topography and is designed as 5 floors. Access to the allocated area is provided by passing through the security building from the west facade. The main entrance of the building is located in the center of gravity of the building, and medical units are located around this center. The most prominent feature of the project designed with the terracing system is its compliance with the topography. In the building, courtyards suitable for patient and personnel use on different floors are resolved. Outside, the elevation difference of the plot is used, and also landscape areas are designed and presented to the use of patients.

Kayseri High Security Forensic Hospital (100 Beds)

PLC: Kayseri
GBA: 25.150 m²
LA: 35.000 m²

The design criteria of the forensic psychiatric hospital are solved by terraces. The L-shaped hospital structure gave birth to the idea of ‘buried garden’ and was designed as the activity areas of the patients. In addition to recreation and sports areas, hobby gardens that are part of rehabilitation are also located in this section. The differences of clinics and functions in the mass-facade composition are reflected in the facade materials.

Kocaeli High Security Forensic Hospital (130 Beds)

PLC: Kocaeli
GBA: 34.210 m²
LA: 35.110 m²

High Security Forensic Psychiatry Hospital located in Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus will function as a part of a whole. The building’s form was designed on the basis of the contour lines of the land. The main core providing entrance and vertical circulation was located at the breaking point of this form. In the building, which was positioned to the land at an angle of 45◦, one main entrance, 2 prisoner entries, 1 gendarme entry, 1 parking area and 1 service entry were available. Land resulted terracing led to the determination of the evelations of these entrances as well. The hobby gardens were located internal part of the building, the fire department/sports field were located to the highest place as well.

Ankara Bilkent High Securiıty Forensic Hospital (100 Beds)

PLC: Ankara
GBA: 31.760 m²
LA: 38.468 m²

Forensic hospital is formed by seven parts. The architecture of clinics, that formed the hospital, have the daily living zone surrounded around the inner courtyards. Security risks for forensic hospital and also the healing procedure of the patients became the major criterias of designing these buildings. These criterias aim to prevent patients from harming themselves and the principle of “recovery and reintegration of patients”, which is the goal of psychiatric hospitals in today’s hospital literature.

Samsun Terme General Hospital (75 Beds)

PLC: Samsun
GBA: 16.250 m²
LA: 22.975 m²

The emergency and outpatient clinic masses that are next to the main hospital block in the form of drops, connected by pedestrian bridges. This mass design was completed with the addition of dental clinics. Patients bedroom’s interior design is reflected the curved surfaces of the building.

Eskişehir Sivrihisar General Hospital (40 Beds)

PLC: Eskişehir
GBA: 12.428,41 m²
LA: 2.742 m²

Şanlıurfa Ceylanpınar General Hospital (150 Beds)

PLC: Şanlıurfa
GBA: 37.889 m²
LA: 24.962 m²

Oral Dental Heath Clinics

Isparta Oral Dental Heath Clinic Building (40 Units)

PLC: Isparta
GBA: 13.492 m²
LA: 18.025 m²

Yozgat Oral And Dental Health Center (40 Units)

PLC: Yozgat
GBA: 6.220 m²
LA: 5.783 m²

İzmir Buca Oral And Dental Health Center (70 Units)

PLC: İzmir
GBA: 19.604,28 m²
LA: 35.500 m²

Antalya Konyaaltı Oral And Dental Health Center (50 Units)

PLC: Antalya
GBA: 10.842,85 m²
LA: 12.000 m²

Adıyaman Kahta Oral And Dental Health Clinic (30 Units)

PLC: Adıyaman
GBA: 5.965,62 m²
LA: 3.865,46 m²

Oral and dental Health building is designed as 4 floors excluding basement. A simple but dynamic design is foreseen on the building facade and is supported by horizontal and vertical lines. When entering the land from the south side, both the main and the emergency entrance of the ODHC structure meet the users. The project includes 30 dental treatment units and their support units.

Aydın Nazilli Oral And Dental Health Center (30 Units)

PLC: Aydın
GBA: 11.793,40 m²
LA: 29.500 m²

Karaman Oral And Dental Health Center (30 Units)