– Preparation of project Espie Palace of Justice
– General Directorate of Renewable Energy Hydrogen Technology Laboratory Project Preparation
– Balıkesir State Hospital BURHANİYE 100 Twin Application Project Preparation
Isparta Province Health Directorate, Directorate of Public Health and ADSM projects and 40 units for preparation of tender documents
– ADSM-Yozgat 40 units for Design and Preparation of Tender Documents
– Kütahya State Hospital with 100 beds Gediz certain architectural work and the preparation of technical specifications –
Opium Dinar 100-bed State Hospital Architecture Final Project Preparation (27/12/2010)
– Anamur Mersin State Hospital with 150 beds, preparing projects (12.10.2011)
– Samsun Terme 75-bed State Hospital project preparation (14/05/2012)
– Fatma Adana-earthquake building donated by Kemal Timuçin verification, preparation of the reinforcement and modification projects (06.07.2012)
– Kastamonu earthquake verification of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center Hospital, the preparation of the reinforcement and modification projects (29.06.2012)
– Sanliurfa ADSM project with 50 units for preparation of tender documents (12/12/2011)
Şanlıurfa Karaköprü ASM, and 50 units for TSM ADSM application project and preparation of tender documents (02/18/2013)
– Hatay Iskenderun ADSM application project with 40 units for the preparation of tender documents
– Protection, Care and Maintenance Social Rehabilitation Center Rehabilitation Center Services Building type architectural pre-project preparation (02.10.2012)

– ZBEÜ within the existing hospital building Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Information Processing Center project services Editing (02/07/2010)
– ZBE Faculty of Dentistry Building construction projects necessary for the preparation of applications (30/08/2012)
– ZBE Indoor Swimming Pool and applications necessary for the construction of social facilities to prepare projects (03.10.2011)
– Physical Education and Sports High School Sports Hall, Administrative Building and Classrooms project with a transformer and generator in the building and preparation of tender documents

– Ankara Seyranbağları Orphanage building demolished and replaced with a capacity of 80 elderly nursing home service building construction projects and preparation of tender documents (02/12/2009)
– Ankara Provincial Administration and contiguous areas beyond the limits of the municipality where the project will be implemented in preparation types (09.11.2009)
– Assets BC Block Quarter project for making the repair and renovation services procurement (05.11.2009) – Assets of the neighborhood block projects to strengthen the preparation of BC (22.12.2009)
– Available Ayas Care and Rehabilitation Center demolished and replaced with a new intake of project services needed to be done (11.09.2009)
– Edremit district of Balıkesir Province in the neighborhood of 419 islands Hamidiye 15 parcels which will be held on the application of Community Health Center Services Building project preparation
-Canakkale Care and Social Rehabilitation Center of Building Applications with Project Preparation of Tender Documents for Business
-112 Emergency Call Center and AFAD Building Construction Projects in Preparation Business
– Care and Social Rehabilitation Centre building, preparation of the implementation of the project
– PTT preparation of Diyarbakir Warehouse Building application project (25/05/2010)
– Bilecik YHT Station and Station Facilities Type of Project Cost Estimate, Specifications and Tender Documents with Peron, the bottom gate, square and parking regulations, video, animation, 3-dimensional image preparation (February 2013)
– Field Station in Uttaranchal, YHT and Conventional Lines done for the Control Center Building Project Services (December 2012)
-Special Operations Department of the relief and reconstruction project preparation (10/05/2012)
– Konya Regional Directorate of Agricultural Reform Project Preparation Services Building (01.07.2011)
– Kütahya State Hospital with 100 beds Gediz Application Project Preparation (15/03/2011)
– Opium Dinar TOKI 100-bed State Hospital construction project, the preparation of the application of business
– KTH Warehouse District Management service procurement project (02/12/2010)
– TPAO General Manager Mechanical – belongs to the Department of Supply and Construction projects done virtual tour (02/02/2011)
– Batman District Management and Administration Building Workshop under the Bon Lubrication Warehouse Building Project Preparation (10/05/2011)
– Adiyaman and Thrace Regional Directorate of the General Directorate in Ankara facilities with single-board Remote Sensing Directorate preparation of building projects (23.08.2011)
-New Campus Project campus design (April 2013)
– Space Technologies Research Institute, the Steel Clean Room and Laboratory Building design and preparation of tender documents (10/09/2012)
– Motion simulator building project services (01.04.2010)
– Habras Rail Test Center Research Laboratory, office and warehouse buildings projecting private security work (28.10.2009)
– New Transformer Building design work (10.04.2009)
– X-Ray Radiation Laboratory Design of Building work (10.12.2007)
-Staff Parking Area Design for Transportation Services
-Project Design and Project Entry Door with the business of the Business
– Çanakkale Havaalanı Terminal ve VİP binası tadilat projeleri (03.09.2010)
-Karadeniz Bölge Komutanlığı Lumbarağzı Yapılması işi uygulama projeleri

– Samsun Park Inn Hotel Project
– High Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital Building Design work
– Ministry of Health
– Temple Road Hotel
-Theatre Mall
– Adana Pepsi Factory architectural projects (17/09/2010)
– Marashstroy Aquapark project (2010) – Gölbasi 1.000m2 Housing Project
– Flat Municipality Ignition 8 Mhl.315 Island Parcel Logistics Center implementation projects canceled service

– Payas Street Improvement Project (10/16/2012)
– İzdemir Thermal Power Plant Admin Building project preparation of architectural applications (23.12.2011) – Salt Lake Office Building Project (09/21/2012)
– Salt Lake Social Building Project (08/27/2012)
– Baghdad Shopping Mall Project (24.02.2012)
– Al Shemalco Office Building practice preparation of projects (13.12.2010)
– Ghana’s Plant project work (25.01.2011)