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BIM Service

BIM Service

BIM service, covering the processes before and after buildings are built, is the “Smart” – “Intelligent” Building Design Method and Management.

Before buildings are built

  • Ensuring architectural, static, electrical and mechanical coordination
  • Solving all structural problems in digital environment,
  • Reducing the cost of building construction by using digital media instead of the construction site,
  • Cash flow calculation can be provided by entering time information.

After the buildings are built

  • Easy access to all manufacturing information during operation,
  • Providing access to technical specifications, warranty and maintenance procedures of all equipment in the building

You can ask us any questions you have about BIM services.

For example:

  • What is BIM?
  • What does REVIT do?
  • REVIT or another program?
  • What is BIM consultacy?
  • What is BIM Management Plan?
  • Who is BIM Manager? What does he / she do?
  • BIM in Ankara?
  • BIM in the World?
  • REVIT (The master of mystery)?
  • REVIT (It was drawing everything at the press of button)
  • BIM, is an “Elephant”?
  • What will happen after BIM?
  • Does BIM really help to control cash flow?
  • How will architecture be in the future?
  • Will there be projects without BIM in the future an deven today?
  • How much is its badget?
  • What is BIM 360 Document Management System?
  • Can REVIT files be examined with BIM 360?
  • DYNAMO, what is that?
  • Wasn’t DYNAMO on the bike?
  • Isn’t BIM the same as REVIT?
  • Can you check iterdisciplinary conflict with NAVISWORKS?
  • Can you help us solve the BIM mystery?
  • Is BIM necessary for business management?
  • Does BIM provide us anything
  • You draw in AUTOCAD, we transfer it to BIM, Okay?
  • Where are “Design”, “Desiner”, “Architect” located in BIM?
  • Is it true that BIM is very useful only for mechanics and electricity?
  • Do you have projects with BIM?
    • Will the Ministry of Health Building, Kocaeli Forensic Hospital, İzmir Forensic Hospital, Bilkent Forensic Hospital, Beytepe Gendarmerie Schools Command Dean’s Office, Dormitories and Technical Service Buildings and Malta Gozo Swimming Pool be suffice?
  • You provide BIM services to projects that you are a Project Designer, but do you also provide BIM services to projects that you are not an author of?
    • Oh YES… Zaha Hadid Mercury Tower, Conversion of the Hotel to Residential BIM Management and Construction Site Implementation Projects is exactly the answer to this question. LOD400- (32 floors, each different from each other)
    • Izmir Geothermal Project is another similar example for the entire existing 2d project, in the BIM environment, to issue collision checks and design correction criticisms and to extract Revit quantities.